5/29/2017 v0.4

  •   Added asteroids
  •   Changed HUD
  •   Added pause button
  •   Re-did menu workings


5/17/2017 v0.3

  • It now takes half a second for bullets to recharge
  • Added bullet recharge meters
  • Enemies now go up and down as well as straight across
  • You can now turn the music off by pressing M and turn the sound off with N.

5/13/2017 v0.2.8.5

  • Fixed a bug where the high score wasn't saving.

05/12/2017 v0.2.8

  • Textures are now much smaller pixel-wise
  • Now uses only 256 colors
  • Changed all the sounds

05/11/2017 v0.2.5

  • Added UI that doesn't suck
  • Added deathmatch game mode
  • Changed pausing

05/09/2017 v0.2 (twelve hours later)

  • Added coop game mode
  • Bullets are now in an array instead of the stupid way it was done before.
  • Code cleanup

05/09/2017 v0.1.6

  • Texture updates
    • Updated background
    • Enemy texture now changes
    • New icon
  • Code cleanup

05/08/2017 v0.1.1

  • Published!

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