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Triangular aliens from deep space have entered your solar system. Your mission: Defend your planet from these beasts by blasting them with your photon cannon. Failure is not an option. These monsters must be stopped!


4/24/2017 v1.0

  • Desktop version updated to Android version
  • Asteroids now 4x as dense


5/29/2017 v0.4

  •   Added asteroids
  •   Changed HUD
  •   Added pause button
  •   Re-did menu workings

5/17/2017 v0.3

  •     It now takes half a second for bullets to recharge
  •     Added bullet recharge meters
  •     Enemies now go up and down as well as straight across
  •     It might be too hard


Made with LibGDX!

Tested on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

Install instructions

As long as you have Java installed, you should be able to run this file just by clicking it. If you have Java installed and it still doesn't work, open the command prompt by typing CMD in the start menu. Navigate to the directory of the game, and type in "java -jar Invasion-VERSION_NUMBER.jar" into the command prompt to start it.


Invasion-1.0.jar 10 MB
Invasion-0.4.jar 10 MB
Invasion-0.3.jar 7 MB

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Development log


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Congrats on publishing your first game! I tried it out and had liked it. I'm a terrible pilot though and kept crashing into the left wall; my high score was in the low 30s. I haven't gotten to play multiplayer yet so I can't comment on that, but so far there's only two issues I found in the game. First is that I only seem to have three bullets, and I can't shoot any more until they reach the edge of the screen. That can be a game-over problem in tight spots. The other thing is that the high score doesn't save between games. If you fix those two things then you'll have a pretty solid first game!

Thanks, man! I made it so you only have three bullets because it seemed too easy if you could just go all Rambo on the aliens. But I didn't know about the high score thing, thanks for telling me. It's fixed now.

I tried it out again and confirmed that the score saving is fixed. Preventing players from spamming isn't a bad idea (depending on the type of game you're doing -- look up "bullet hell"), but giving them only three bullets at a time has some problems. Mainly, it's not an intuitive mechanic. It took me a minute to figure out why shooting felt so weird. A better idea might be to have shots on a reload timer. If you do that, having a reload bar on the screen would be really useful. That way it's really easy for players to understand how the mechanics work, and you maintain your goal of preventing bullet spam.

On a side note, if you keep up with listening to player feedback, being honest about missing bugs and fixing them when people point them out, you will keep in good stead with your players.

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I've made the bullets recharge now. I've also made the enemies go up and down! You can turn the sound on and off with M and N (which sounds like candy) now, but there's no icon yet.

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I like that you made them go up and down; it changes things up in a fun way! The reload meter works perfectly too, it's a really intuitive system to use and I still have to time my shots. It feels like I'm playing a real arcade game now, which is pretty cool. I'll see if I can try out multiplayer with someone and post another review when I do. Good work on your first game!